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On one fine evening of the year 2016, I visited a lady who taught her students something really magical. She didn’t even touch people, but she cured their migraines, vertigo and all sorts of illnesses. She just transferred her healing energies to the patient by imagining it and chanting something. I wasn’t sure how it worked but I knew that I wanted the powers to be able to help people in this way. So, after a dedicated focus of 30 days, my master attuned the powers to me. I finally started practising reiki and seeing the magic with my own eyes. Now the question arises: what exactly is Reiki? How is it effective?

Our bodies tend to absorb the energies of our surroundings. Which in turn, has an effect on our aura and chakras, affecting us in emotional, spiritual and physical ways. The healers believe that a person feels unwell when any one of the seven chakras is imbalanced, and the energy is blocked. This is where reiki comes in. Reiki is an ancient Buddhist healing practice which was later rediscovered by Japan. It was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, on the basis of understanding the body's energy system. Reiki is a universal life energy force, energy that is in everybody and their surroundings. While giving reiki, the healer channels their energy from their palm to the needed chakra and auric field, making sure that the body is in a harmonic state with a balanced energy flow.

Human Energy Body-The 7 Chakras:

Chakras are energy transferring centres of the body. These chakras are believed to spin energies to our major organs and nerve bundles. Amongst many, there are 7 main chakras in the body, which when fully energized, bring peace and mindfulness along with healing. Each chakra is associated with a particular colour and music, running its vibrations from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When looking at the colours and their organization closely, we notice each chakra's colour indicates the emotional, spiritual and physical state of a human being. In a world full of stress and negativity, our chakras often get blocked. Reiki helps to declutter the stagnant blocks of energy in the chakras, ensuring their smooth working.

Now I know that I am saying that we charge, balance our chakras and heal our body with the help of reiki. But how do we do it? There are symbols in reiki that the practitioner takes the help of. Each symbol holds a vibration of its own. There are more than 150 symbols, out of which, some of the symbols like Cho Ku Rei is the power symbol, Sei He Ki is for harmony and, many others that help in healing, protection, peace, relationships, monetary issues and more. These symbols tend to alert the mind and body. Most healers use crystals to draw them. Crystals serve as an amplifier to increase this healing process. Reiki’s effect is multiplied when the energy of the healer first channels into the crystal.

Trapped Emotions-Relations & Medicines:

Relationships are a special blend of energies between two people. When the conflicts arise between two people, reiki assists as an effective tool to nurture the relations. People find the root cause of the issue, understand each other more, and mend the broken bonds. Reiki balances the heart and sacral chakra that are directly related to relationships, making the person emotionally stabilized. Talkative therapies help to get a clear insight of one’s problem, but they don’t always help with emotional pain that is stuck in the energy field. The coping mechanisms that are taught along with prescribed pharmaceutical pills usually prolong one’s struggle, and fail to solve them from the inside. Various studies have been conducted over the years, and it has been seen that reiki provides relief from these mental issues, helping a person to process mental trauma, grief, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. This alternative technique covers quite a number of medical treatments that are past the allopathic medicines. In many U.S. hospitals, reiki is now one of the complementary therapies. Hospitals are discovering the benefits of how the side effects of medicines are minimized with Reiki's help. It has a calming effect on the patients and relieves the acute and chronic pains, boosting the immune system and improving sleep quality. It is a really preferred therapy since it's non-invasive and does not have any side effects. 60 - 70% of U.S hospitals have either formal or informal reiki programs.

Does it really work?

Ever experienced that when someone is oceans away, you still sense their energy as if they were around? Universe is vast, thus, vibrations and energy travel everywhere. These varying vibrations create a field around our body, aura or our personal energy field. With our ever changing mood, the color of our aura also changes. It is not a compulsion for a person to be in the same room to receive reiki healing. When the auras of two beings are connected, either by a photo or visualization, healing can be given from miles of distance. How do we know that it really works? There is yet to be a clear, peer-reviewed study that explains its mechanics, let alone confirms the existence of a healing energy that can be directed between bodies. But the energy may manifest itself in the form of heat, pulsating or tingling sensation, wherever the practitioner channels the energy. Some people claim to feel relaxed with a revitalizing movement in their body, some people don’t perceive anything at all, while most of them fall asleep.

From my personal experience, I believe in reiki and the energies that surround us. Whenever I practice it on someone, I feel their energy, the part that hurts or whatever problem they are going through. I have seen instant relief in people, from the simplest of headaches to cancer patients. Healing someone with reiki is a slow process and most cancer patients don't have much time left. Reiki cures early stage cancers, while bringing the patients relief from the side effects of medicines and chemotherapies. It impedes the growth of cancer cells in the body, and also helps by creating a positive environment around the patient. It strengthens the persons' willpower to fight the disease. Not only cancer but reiki energizes one's body to fight all the world wide diseases. Whenever people hear that I practice reiki, they ask me if I can try it on them. They ask me if it really works, if it is real and I always answer that I don't know, maybe it does work at minimum. I focus my mind on the idea of them being well, to heal every problematic issue and to energize their body. They usually answer that it feels good, harmonic. I am always fascinated by how simply channeling these powerful energies can improve or cure someone to such extents.

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