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Spiritual Awakening: Pathway To A New Economy

We, mortals, have a long history of assembling ourselves by dominator hierarchy since the Mahabharata — The Era of Empire. During this time, the creative energy of homo sapiens was redirected from acquiring the well-being of the people to advancing the technological weapons of war and social tools of domination, as violent and vain rulers continued to play out the drama of the Empire's relentless play-or-die, rule-or-be-ruled, kill-or-be-killed competition for power. The same exists in today's time. So who's the real master behind serving the economy?

In this case, we face a dilemma: no one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24), that is, either we can accept the status quo of an economic structure devoted to the worship of money and the pursuit of greed, or we can create a new economy for the service of life.

The Wall Street financial breakdown of 2008 exposed the corruption of our modern moneychangers i.e, our financial institutions. So, is it real wealth that we're following or is it just an illusion of avarice?

Back when housing prices were inflating, we read about how much value the rise in market price was generating. As housing prices started deflating we learned how much wealth was being destroyed. Interesting, isn’t it? Absolutely nothing about our houses changed except the price which made us believe that those who make money are generating wealth and that the housing bubble and financial institutions are engines of wealth creation. In reality, it’s nothing more than a form of inflation. Money increases but wealth remains the same.

"The process by which money is created is so simple it repels our mind.” - Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said.

When we take a loan from a bank, it opens an account in the holder's name and enters the amount of the loan. That becomes a liability on the part of the bank's accounts, settled by the corresponding asset of your liability to repay with interest. Two accounting entries in the books, and money magically appears out of nowhere. Besides the metal in coins, what we call money has no intrinsic utility. It has value only because we agree to social norms and accept it for things of real value in return: our knowledge, labour and natural resources.

How does this define your image of God and tell you about your politics?

The scriptural images of God largely fall into two basic categories — one is of the male patriarch with a long beard, the God we visualize as a human living in heaven, and the other is of the spirit image apparent in all living creatures, the image personified in the cosmic creation. This patriarchal image sets up an image of righteousness and domination rushing in those closest to God, to those most distant which then leads us to a competitive individualistic politics of wealth accumulation and separation. On the other hand, the spirit image, by which we recognize the face of God in all beings, even in, grain of sand, leads us to a politics of community, mutual service and shared purpose. Everything in the universe is a manifestation of a spiritual intelligence chasing to know oneself through the creative exploration of possibilities. Within this belief system we believe, to harm someone is to harm oneself. We see ourselves as co-creators in a quest and search for our ultimate fulfilment in lives of service to its continued unfolding.

Imagine how different our society would have been if we restructured our economic institutions and cultures according to our personal beliefs and values. The current hallucination of our public culture and its emphasis on getting loans with high-interest rates for greater individual benefit is all just a hoax that needs to be shattered. To turn the human course, we need to break the silence, make our personal beliefs public and change the public story to allow us to act and reorganize our financial institutions with one true nature. Hence, action is long outstanding.

We have become so habitual to our institutional culture that they remunerate our human pathologies of individualism. It is purely logical. If our brains were not bugged for life in community, the sapiens would have been extinct long ago. We have an innate desire to protect our people, even the vulnerable and weakest members of society. Behaviour opposite to this positive notion is an indicator of psychological and social dysfunction. Our personal understanding asserts the spiritual unity of creation and our capability to create an economy for the service of love, life and spirit.

So how do we make the necessary changes to turn around our economy from serving these financial institutions to serving life in this world ruled by the agents of mammon?

Let us take the women’s struggle as an example. Not long ago, the existing cultural norms boasted that a woman can only be happy by finding the right man, marrying him, and giving her life to his service. Anyone who opposed this was made to believe the fault lay within herself. Then a few righteous and courageous women went public. Now as they went public with the truth about their personal prejudices, the false values of the public stories that held them captive to this notorious Empire were exposed as fabrications. Thus liberated, this individual intelligence became the intelligence of the community as a whole.

The answer to the above question lies in the creation of the Real Wealth Money System- Spiritual Currency.

Oftentimes, we equate and undervalue those things in life which we cannot even buy when we compare them to money. We talk about businesses crashing as if our vital life organs are at risk. We think of money as something that is circulating like cells in our body, things that keep us all alive! We view the economy as a breathing and living entity. It is disagreeable that money isn’t valuable or that a financial crisis can’t be a life crisis. It's not wrong when we compare money to our life, but the problem arises when we allow this comparison to surpass the importance of the life we have.

Financial institutions have satanically created a money system designed to crash if the economy does not grow its profits continuously. This means, to prevent the financial system from going into default and wrecking the economy — it must grow to generate sufficient demand for new loans to circulate the money required to make the interest payments on previous loans. The consequences of this nuance are ever-increasing debt, and destruction of the social fabric of the community. If evil is what is destructive of life, then our existing money system is profoundly evil.

Many people assume money is created by the government— It isn’t, but it should be. As new money is needed to maintain a stable and adequate money supply, the government should spend it into existence to improve public infrastructure and meet other needs. Publicly issued money would increase financial stability and reduce taxes, debt and inequality correspondingly. It would also strip money changers of much of their profits, thereby, making our choice a no brainer.

For years, sapiens have wandered through the valley of the shadow of death. It was part of the learning and preparation for the next step in our own evolution as a self-aware being to which creation granted the power to choose its own future. It is now in our hands to choose — either we take the step to maturity and learn to share Earth’s abundant resources for the good, or suffer potential self-extinction as a dare, by failed evolutionary experiments, and thereby turn back the evolutionary clock by millions of years.

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